Digital nomad

Remote work, the future of work


"When people freely choose where in the world they want to work, they simply enjoy their everyday work more." 

- CEO of Aha!


Who is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person, that does their job via the internet and doesn't depend on a specific location.  

More and more people aren't satisfied with the traditional way of working, so they switch to this lifestyle. Some want to travel or live in a different country. A lot of people came to this way of working during the pandemic when the circumstances changed. Due to the overall digitalization of the world, the demand for this lifestyle is getting bigger and bigger.

How to begin the digital nomad lifestyle?

For starters, you need digital solutions, that will automize and digitalize your work

Become digital

Imagine a space where you can build your story, invest in yourself and your own success. With a huge selection of modules for automated and digitized organization of personal and business processes, which saves you a lot of time. You can then invest that time in building a better version of yourself. All of that and more are possible with Domino Premium.